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Water Products

Products and Services

Arizona Water Consultants carries a full line of high quality, made in the USA water treatment and conditioning equipment. Each home or business is unique and we will custom tailor the right system for you at the best price. We have systems for every budget! Our prices below include installation to your existing plumbing "loop". 

Here are a few of the services we can provide for you:

High efficiency water softening - No salt water conditioners - Reverse Osmosis drinking water - Whole house water filtration - Arsenic removal - Well water testing and treatment - Home water audits - Bottleless water coolers - and much more!

Water safe

Water Safe Well Water Test Kit

  • Easy Do It Yourself
  • Results on the spot!

 Tests for the following Parameters

  • Bacteria
  • Pesticides
  • Nitrates
  • Lead
  • Iron
  • Nitrites
  • Hardness
  • PH
  • Chlorine
  • Copper

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(includes shipping)

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Home drinking water test kit

Water Safe City Water Test Kit

  • Easy Do It Yourself
  • Results OnThe Spot

 Tests for the following Parameters

  • Bacteria
  • Lead
  • Pesticides
  • Chlorine
  • Hardness
  • nitrates
  • nitrites
  • PH

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(includes shipping)

Phone orders only----Call: 480-599-0731

Advanced Series Water Softener

Advanced Series Water Softeners

Our Advanced Series Water softeners come with the following standard options:

  • #1 Industry leading control valve
  • Upgraded 10% resin
  • Bypass valve
  • Brine tank with salt grid and safety float 
  • Stainless steel tank sleeve
  • First salt fill
  • Installation included to existing “Loop”
  • 5 year labor warranty

 Limited lifetime warranty - Lifetime on brine tank, resin tank,  and valve body, all other parts  (including electronics) are covered for 10 years. ( Lifetime warrany excludes media)

32,000 capacity unit
2-4 person household
48,000 capacity unit 
3-6 person household
64,000 capacity unit
5+ person household

***32K and 48K softeners also available in space saving cabinet style softener, call for details. 

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5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

Our 5 stage High efficiency RO system comes standard with the following:

  • NSF and WQA certified components
  • 50 GPD high efficiency RO membranes
  • 4.0 gallon storage tank
  • Flow lock leak tray
  • Standard chrome non air gap faucet
  • Automatic shut off valve
  • 5 year warranty on all components of system.

Optional items include:

  • UV light add- $125
  • Countertop drill, add-$45
  • Remineralizing cartridge, add- $40
  • Connect to pre plumbed ice maker line, add-$25
  • Alkaliziing PH / ORP increasing cartridge add-$75
  • Run new ice maker line where possible, $150
  • Larger storage tank, add-$60 to $100 depending on size.
  • Match faucet to your current finishes, add $60-$100
  • convert to high effeciency membrane $125
  • Replacement RO storage tank $75

***$475 Installed***

***Whole House RO systems available: convert your entire house to high quality RO water! Call for details and pricing.

***Commercial RO systems:
We have commercial RO units available from 300 GPD to 40,000 GPD depending on your needs, perfect for whole house, Brewing, Growing, industry, medical, and dental, applications. Call for more details. We can get it done for you!

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Whole House Treatment System

HERO Whole House Softening and Filtration

Our HERO Whole House Filter combines traditional water softening with the newest technology in carbon filtration. Our HERO unit uses new SNRF-CC Modified reticulated carbon cubes to remove chlorine, chloramines, disinfection byproducts and a wide variety of other contaminants while solving issues associated with traditional granulated carbon most notably “packing” and “channeling”  that is associated with mixed bed media systems while maintaining higher flow rates through the unit and having a higher capacity for contaminate removal than standard granular carbon media. This system makes truly great water!

Your system will include:

  • # 1 Industry leading control valve
  • Upgraded 10% crosslinked resin
  • Bypass valve           
  • 14”x 14” or 15"x17" brine tank with salt grid and safety float
  • First salt fill
  • Installation included to existing “loop”
  • Stainless steel or neoprene tank sleeve
  • 5 year labor warranty
  • Lifetime warranty on media tank, brine tank,control valve body, and ion exchange resin ( valid only if carbon is changed out every 5 years) 
  • 10 year warranty on electronics, valves, all other parts.
1 cubic ft. unit
Up to 4 persons
1.5 cubic f.t unit
Up to 6 persons
2 cubic ft. unit
Up to 5+ persons

PDF Download

Watchman Whole House Filtration and Conditioning

Watchman Whole House Filtration and Conditioning

Watchman Whole House Treatment system
The Watchman is our "no salt" system for those who do not want a salt based water softener Maintenance free five level conditioner, protects your water on two fronts, uses proven T.A.C. (template assisted crystalization) technology to prevent and dissolve existing scale then two levels of carbon filtration removes chlorine, chloramines, disinfection by-products and many other contaminants from your household water. Giving you clean scale-free water.

Your system will include:

  • # 1 Industry leading control valve
  • Bypass valve
  • Installation included to existing “Loop”
  • Stainless steel tank sleeve
  • 5 year labor warranty
  • 5 year warranty on all components  (excluding media)

1 cubic ft. Watchman
1-4 persons
1,000,000 gal

1.5 cubic ft. Watchman
Up to 6 persons
1,500,000 gal

2 cubic ft. Watchman
6+ persons
2,000,000 gal

*Lifetime capacity Media life 7-10 yr. 

*Capacities depend on water usage and water quality conditions. Not intended for microbiologically unsafe water or waters of unknown quality. Disinfection may be required. This system is intended for treatment of municipal water, any other application requires water quality analysis for best results.

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 Protector Series

Arizona Water Consultants is proud to offer the Protector Series line  of premium water filtration products for your home. The Protector Series represents the latest in water treatment technologies, media's and the best warranties available anywhere.   

Pro Series Water Softeners

Pro Series Water Softeners

Our most economical softener, the pro series softener offers great features at an affordable price, this softener is still heads and tails above the softeners offered  at the big box stores and will still carry a much better warranty.

Your pro series softener will include the following:

  • 3 modes of operation- time clock, metered immediate and metered delayed
  • Soft water refill
  • Available on tanks up to 21” in diameter
  • 66 selectable pre-programmed regeneration cyles
  • 1” valve for high flow rates up to 27GPM

Our Pro Series Water Softeners come with the following standard options:

  • Almond mineral tank
  • Almond 18” mineral tank
  • High capacity resin
  • 2 tank or cabinet model
  • 5 year Warranty on all components of system

32K capacity
1-4 persons

48K capacity
2-4 persons
64K capacity
4+ persons

Bottleless Water Coolers

Bottleless Water Coolers / Ice Makers

Bottleless Water Coolers can provide your home or office with an endless supply of great tasting water. No more 5 Gallon bottles to store and lift, no more leasing contracts for water coolers, why pay for leasing a cooler and bottle service when you can purchase your own. We offer a full line of Vertex commercial grade Water coolers and ice makers. Call today for more details.

Many options available - Call for Current Pricing.

Irrigation System

Home or Business Water Audits

Arizona Water Consultants can help your home or business save water and money by conducting a thorough water use audit, we will identify the high water uses in your home or business and show you ways to greatly reduce your water usage. Have a leak no one can find? Impossibly high water bill? Let us help you figure it out. Call today! 

Saving Water = Saving Money!

Water Quality Testing Services

Arizona Water Consultants can help you with your water testing needs, all tests and services are done through Legend Technical Services  here in Phoenix , Az. Prices listed below include, sample taking, transport to lab and consultation upon results.

General well test package (EPA recommended tests) Satisfies HUD, VA, FHA testing requirements

Tests for: E-coli, Total coliform (bacteria), Arsenic, Lead, Copper, PH, Nitrates, Nitrites and TDS.   $450 

General Arsenic Test- 

Standard test for arsenic, only shows if Arsenic is present and at what level $125

Arsenic Speciation test

Will determine if arsenic present is arsenic 3 or arsenic 5 this will determine what types of removal methods to use. $200 

Arizona Water Consultants offers the following tests for free with a scheduled consultation

  • Chlorine level free and total
  • Hardness
  • Total Dissolved solids
  • PH
  • Salinity

***Other tests are available upon request please call for further information. 

Commercial Water Products

We don't just cater to residential clients. All of our services also are available for the commercial sector. We sell commercial softeners, reverse osmosis systems, and filter systems strong enough to treat the water running throughout your facility. Factory and installation warranties are available for our products and services.

Prices and Payment

It is our goal to provide you with the very best water treatment equipment at an affordable price. The cost of our services reflect the cost of the product and installation fees. Costs vary depending on the system. Estimates are always free. For payment, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Credit card purchases subject to 3% credit card processing fee. 

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